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The Punch Bowl Paper Style

All of our designs are original artwork highly inspired by mid-century design, bold colors, and a dash of nostalgia.

When creating our designs, we pay special attention to adding little details (often in the form of something comical or surprising) to keep you curious and draw you into the design.

About Us

Punch Bowl Paper is the work of artist and maker Yessenia Armendariz. Her goal is to bring moments of delight into your daily life. 

All our products are illustrated, designed, made, and packaged in our small one-woman run studio on the Central Coast of California.


Hello, I'm Yessenia!

Yessenia grew up experimenting and playing with different art mediums and dreaming of one day becoming an artist. She studied Art History and Graphic Design, and, after 6 years of being a working illustrator and designer, Yessenia thought it was time to finally start a business of her own. She currently still works as a designer, but spends her free time creating artwork for Punch Bowl Paper.

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